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The Skeptical Folklorist: What Happened to Amelia Earhart?


Amelia Earhart has been one of my lifelong heroines. I had actually wanted to be a pilot once, but I developed seizures as an adolescent so I’m barred from getting a pilot’s license as a result. Still, Earhart remains a beloved inspiration and, like many people, I would love to have the closure that comes with knowing how her final chapter ended. Tonight I saw an article about how an old photograph provides evidence that she was captured by the Japanese, and I want to take some time to look at this. Continue reading


The Skeptical Folklorist: Spending a Week in a Haunted Hotel

I don’t believe that ghosts exist and am fascination by the psychology behind alleged ghost sightings. And while I don’t believe that ghosts exist, I absolutely love ghost stories and folklore and am always ripe for the opportunity to be proved wrong. So I was very excited when I learned that we would be staying for a week at the Horton Grand Hotel in San Diego. Andy had a business conference there and I decided to come down with him while the kids stayed with my parents. So, after spending a week at the Horton did I have an experience that caused me to re-evaluate my stance on ghost hauntings?

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