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How Parents Can Harm Their Children’s Efforts to Socialize

It was a beautiful morning at the playground and Buddy and Sissy were having a good time, when a little girl came up with her mother. She was the type of child I get hopeful about when I see on the playground because she was outgoing and bubbly, two traits that tend to help Buddy come out of his shell and socialize. Like I predicted, she came up and started talking to Buddy. And her mother started apologizing for her.

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When Off Road Vehicles Tear Through Playgrounds

Yesterday I was at the park with my kids. It’s a large park, with three playgrounds, a splash pad, a creek, and a disc golf course that contains nice walking trails through the woods. There’s a walking path that connects our neighborhood to the park. And it was perfect until off road vehicles started illegally coming into the park and destroying it.¬†Yesterday, as I sat by the banks of the creek with my kids, not twenty-five feet away from the playground, two four wheelers came tearing through the park, circled us, and then road off to the disc golf area. I was beyond incensed. I’ve seen them plenty of times in the disc golf area, but never in the area with the playgrounds. I thought I would be safe with my kids in the playgrounds, but looks like in this day and age you can’t even take your kids to a playground of all places anymore without worrying about them getting run over!

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