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Evolved, Not Designed

People who believe in a creator look at the world as see something so perfect that it makes intuitive sense that there’s a creator. People who believe there is no creator look around as see that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done and that this world is far from perfect. Today I was reminded of this when I found that I have a UTI. What is amazing is that I’ve never had one before, so I guess I was overdue.

I did not realize how painful or debilitating they can be. Yesterday I had a lot of plans but had to cancel them as I lay in bed, cramping, thinking I had a strange stomach bug. This morning my husband scared me by suggesting it might be an ulcer, and considering I’ve been under a lot of stress lately I couldn’t rule it out. So I went to the doctor and was relieved to hear it was a UTI, because frankly there are a lot of things it could have been that are a lot scarier. And while I’ve never had one myself, I’d say pretty much all of my female friends have had one, so it was something familiar and a lot less scarier than an ulcer.

Yet the reason it is familiar is because, frankly, the way female anatomy is lends itself to infection. With the anus and urethra being so close together, bacteria that should not get in the urethra tends to find it’s way there. Sure, defenses have evolved against it, and in my case those defenses worked rather well for 33 years, but it still does not negate the fact that female anatomy lends itself to UTIs.

If we were intelligently designed, this wouldn’t happen in my view. And if you look at the human body, you’ll find plenty of other things that tell of a rather shoddy design. Which is why it makes more sense to me that we evolved without the oversight of a creator. Nature is concerned with merely surviving, not perfection. Some of the things that evolved work incredibly well, others not so much, but it gets us through the day.