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Hillary or Bernie?

The primaries are upon us. Usually Texas gets into the primaries so late the candidate is already chosen, though 2008 was an exception. But they moved up the primary dates this time, so there’s a chance my vote would matter (anyone in Congress doing something about our messed up primary system, btw?)

Obviously, the Republican candidates are all so scary that I can’t fathom voting for any of them. So it’s down to Hillary, Bernie or O’Malley, and let’s face it, O’Malley likely isn’t a serious contender. So I find myself going back and forth between Hillary and Bernie. There’s a lot of things I like about both of them. I like the progressive agenda they both support. I like Hillary’s autism platform. I like how Bernie is most definitely not in the hands of Wall Street. All told I’m still upset that Elizabeth Warren didn’t run because I would have voted for her no contest, but she didn’t, so I left with Hillary and Bernie. Both of whom have some serious cons for me.


-I’d much rather the first female president not have had a husband who did it first, granted in some ways this would make her more prepared than most people for the White House. And while I was reading Gloria Steinem’s latest book, she pointed out that plenty of men have had other family members in the White House, such as Jeb Bush, and using those family connections to further their political careers is not looked down upon. And Hillary is a an established and experienced politician in her own right.

-Bill Clinton is really a double edged sword for Hillary. I strongly feel that the Monica Lewinsky affair was a personal matter between Bill, Hillary and Monica. The allegations of rape and sexual harassment, even though most have some credibility problems, one does not, and the possibility that he did rape a woman troubles me.

However, Bill is not Hillary. And it’s not fair to judge her for Bill’s actions.

Of course, there is the question of whether or not she is enabling his behavior. I do think until the Lewinsky Hillary was in the dark. And there haven’t been new allegations, so it’s hard to say she’s enabling if he truly has stopped.

But the whole thing doesn’t sit well with me.

However, if she wins the primary, I know she’ll fight for women’s reproductive rights, child care, equal pay, and a lot of other issues that will help women, things that all of the Republican candidates are against.

-Voting for the Iraqi War. I remember there being plenty of information casting doubt on the weapons of mass destruction claim and it was obvious that Bush was fearmongering the nation and whipping them into a war frenzy. The Iraqi War has had disastrous consequences that we are dealing with to this day, such as ISIS. I was devastated when we bombed Iraq because I knew it was wrong, and it’s something I have a hard time forgiving.


-Really the big thing for Bernie is his record on gun control isn’t as solid as I would like (I really like O’Malley on this). And yes, Texans for gun control do exist, but we’re few and far between.

-While I’m not sure I want Hillary to be the first female president, I’m not ready to let go of the idea of finally having a female president.

And yeah, writing it all out it looks as though I’m leaning towards Bernie. But the primaries are still a bit away.