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Why My House is a Mess

I’m still emotionally reeling from an encounter I had with someone who does not have kids about the cleanliness of my house. The messages I got was that she was wondering about my mental state because I couldn’t keep up with the housekeeping, and that she did not feel that the way I kept my house was acceptable and I needed to do better. Both of these were a slap in the face to me, especially because I do work hard on the house, but most people never see it. I have a sensory seeking autistic 6 year old boy who I nickname Wreck It and I have a 3 year old, so my house needs some sprucing up. I also own my own business and I supplement the schooling my son gets through his therapy with a little bit of homeschooling. In other words, I am working four jobs per week, and since Buddy’s therapy is so expensive, even with insurance, we are spinning our wheels just to be able to afford that (it’s basically another mortgage), forget hiring housekeeping! I think I’m allowed to let the housekeeping slide.

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Cut Parents Some Slack

There is so much pressure on parents to control their kids so they don’t inconvenience others when out in public. A lot of times I don’t think this pressure is fair. Kids brains are developing and yes, there are times when kids can’t control their own behavior. The best parents can do is keep stressors to a minimum and take children home when it’s too much for them. Yet, there are times when others make it very difficult for parents to control some extraneous factors.

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My DVDs Are Now Alphabetized Again!

Before kids, I was very picky about how my DVDs and books were shelved. Having volunteered at a library in my youth, I even group my books by subject matter and then alphabetized them. Having my DVDs and books out of order is disturbing for me. And then I had kids.

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How Parents Can Harm Their Children’s Efforts to Socialize

It was a beautiful morning at the playground and Buddy and Sissy were having a good time, when a little girl came up with her mother. She was the type of child I get hopeful about when I see on the playground because she was outgoing and bubbly, two traits that tend to help Buddy come out of his shell and socialize. Like I predicted, she came up and started talking to Buddy. And her mother started apologizing for her.

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Our Children Are Not Clay to Mold

Buddy’s old backpack had been falling apart, so I’d decided to take advantage of the back to school specials to get him a new one. I took him to the backpack aisle and pointed out several backpacks from shows he liked. As soon as he saw the purple and blue backpack with Elsa from Frozen on it, his heart was set. Buddy adores Elsa.

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The New Media

My kids will likely never buy a CD or DVD.

And what is stunning to think about? It’s not like it was for me growing up, when CD players replaced tape recorders and record players. I was a brand new adult when DVD players started to replace VCRs. Growing up, I realized my kids wouldn’t have CDs and VCRs, but I figured what they would have would be similar. A device to play things on, albums/movies to buy. What I never envisioned was streaming, where you could get the content you want from a website for a subscription fee, and not have to worry about buying tapes or CDs or DVDs or whatever, and how this would transform how we consume media.

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Autism, Uncertainty, and ROY G BIV

This evening I was walking around the house with Buddy trailing me while streaming my amazing kids music station from Pandora. I managed to create a good balance of kindie bands like Laurie Berkner and TMBG with classics such as Puff the Magic Dragon and other kids songs. At the moment, “The Rainbow Connection” was playing, and Buddy stunned me by talking about rainbows while putting his arms over his head in an arch. I wondered where he’d learned that. But what he did next really floored me.

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