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Reviving the Vaccine “Debate” Will Not Help Families With Autistic Members

One of the multiple problematic things happening in our government is Trump appointing Robert F. Kennedy Jr, an anti-vaxxer who believes there is a conspiracy to hide the effects of thimerosal on children, to chair a panel on vaccine safety and to revive the “debate” on vaccine safety. As the parent of an autistic child, this angers and worries me.

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Potty Training 9999: Unique Autism Challenges

It’s finally happened. After 6 years and two months of using diapers Buddy used the potty at home. And let’s just say, it was a long, frustrating road, made more difficult by the fact that despite all of my reading and researching, I couldn’t find anyone detailing the same problems I was seeing who could tell me how to approach it. Even the experts were either unhelpfully condescending or baffled.

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The Source of the Problem


Usually when I ask Buddy to pick up his toys at the end of the day, he ignores me. Since he was 2 I would attempt various ploys to get him to clean up. Some things would work once, and then never again. This was frustrating for numerous reasons, but especially because as a sensory seeking autistic child, he can make a large mess in a very short amount of time (pretty much he dumps his toys bins everywhere). He will also move furniture, such as the dog kennel around (he’s big and strong).

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When Family Members Don’t Embrace Autism

Typically I wouldn’t be worrying about this until November, but as for the next two weekends we’ve got engagements with my in-laws, I am. My relationship with my in-laws is complex and multi-faceted, especially considering that Andy has a large extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, etc. But my latest challenge has been the fact that my mother-in-law does not believe autism is a real condition and does not accept that Buddy is autistic.

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An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton About the Realities of Raising a Child With Autism

First, as a lifelong, second generation feminist, I am so excited about your campaign and I look forward to voting for you as soon as early voting starts in my state on October 24! I am also excited that as my little 2-year-old daughter learns more about the world around her, most likely when she becomes aware of what the president is, she will see that it is an office held by a woman!

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Accepting That I’m Autistic


I just finished reading Steve Silberman’s Neurotribes, and I have so many feelings about it. In short, I highly recommend it for people on the spectrum, parents, teachers, basically, anyone who has contact with someone on the spectrum. There’s a lot to go over and digest and I’ll likely be writing about thoughts it spun over a period of time.

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