The Solution to the Women’s Convention Debacle

Yesterday I wrote about how the Women’s Convention billed Bernie Sanders as the opening speaker of their convention, and the uproar that has resulted. A lot has happened since then, such as the Women’s March attempting to spin this as a “misunderstanding“, backpedaling and stating that Sanders does not have a key role despite people posting the article they shared where they described him as the “headliner” and Twitter posts promoting him, and not Maxine Waters or any of the other women who are speaking.  Read Tamika Mallory describe Bernie Sanders as the “headliner” in this earlier article before the backlash.

They attempted to dismiss those of us who cried out as hysterical, and used terms to dismiss us such as “delusional.” Considering the history of women being forced into mental institutions for insanity when they stood up to the patriarchy, I found this incredibly rich. If you’re interested you can read through their Facebook page and read the fall out. Go through the posts before the apology. They have since sent emails to Sanders apologists to defend them. Keep in mind, also, that the Women’s March repeatedly deleted entire posts to silence the uproar. I thought that the point of the Women’s March was the amplify women’s voices, but I guess I was wrong.

One issue I have no brought up but effects other women is that they did not announce Sander’s role in the convention until the day to ask for a refund for a $300 ticket to attend was announced, leaving women who paid for this and now feel as though they have been tricked into attending a Bernie rally angry and frustrated.

Today, they finally issued an apology, which reads of too little too late. Or it’s a start. There is still no word on Sander’s role at the convention. As I see it, there are two solutions. Either rescind Sander’s invitation, or have him there as part of a panel where he has to be silent and sit on his hands so he does not shove them in women’s faces while they explain to him about the economics tied into institutional racism and the economics tied into reproductive health, as well as how to be an ally rather than a mansplainer. Oh, and perhaps to stress the importance of having women and people of color in the upper echelons of his movement. There’s a lot to educate him on.

This may seem small to people, however, this is a line in the sand. I refuse to stand by as we go so far back in history that men are invited to mansplain at a women’s convention. I hope the Women’s March starts to amends, because until they do, me and the 98% of people who have been expressing outrage at them are not going away.


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