How Hobby Lobby Destroyed its Own Arguement

Christian retailer, Hobby Lobby, which is owned by the Green family, got into some rather expensive hot water for stealing antiquities from the Middle East. One of the best books I have read so far this year was Three Stones Make a Wall. Written by an archaeologist named Eric Cline, it was not only a fascinating look at different archaeological sites through time in history, but a plea against the type of black market looting and stealing of artifacts that the Green family engaged in.

There are many reasons not to loot. But let’s look at the Green family’s aims in stealing artifacts in the first place. And basically it was in an attempt to prove that the Bible is historically accurate. Yet by stealing artifacts, the Green family compromised the very authenticity of those artifacts.

If you’ve ever watched a forensics tv show or movie, you know that tampering with a crime scene is a horrendous offense, because information that is important for interpreting the evidence and solving the crime is lost forever. Well it’s the same with an archaeological site. When you remove an artifact from where it is found without taking the time to adequately document where it was found, what was around it, what geologic layer it was in, etc, then a lot of information is lost forever, information that is important for interpreting the object. It’s like tampering with a crime scene, and makes the evidence you do find harder to stand up in a court of law. It could also lead to a genuine object being dismissed as a forgery or a fraud.

Basically they are damaging the very credibility of the evidence they are gathering before they’ve even had an attempt to analyze it.

And as a non Christian, I just have to wonder, if they are so certain that the evidence is going to prove their point of view correct, then why do they have to go to such devious, under handed means to procure it? Means that damage the very credibility of the evidence they are gathering in an attempt to prove their claim. If your claim has a leg to stand on, then wouldn’t you want to make sure everything is well documented according to the highest standards available so it will be able to withstand the scrutiny?

It leads me to conclude that the Green family is more interested in twisting and manipulating things to fit their worldview rather than following the evidence and drawing conclusions based on that evidence, which is how science works.

The destruction of evidence and history is terrible. The fact that the Green family engaged in cultural theft is also terrible, and it’s harm is immeasurable. But then, for the Green family, the primacy of their religious beliefs is more important than the lives, health and well being of women, so is it really so surprising that they would steal from brown people? Christian values at it’s finest!


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