An Unconventional Homeschooling Schedule

One of the more challenging aspects of homeschooling has been hammering out the schedule. Buddy is in therapy for twenty hours a week, four days a week. This is good because they do work on academic skills, but it still makes finding the time challenging. In the morning I’m so focused on getting everyone dressed and out of the door on time that it doesn’t happen. And after five hours of therapy, Buddy is tired and doesn’t want to do more table work. And then in the evening I see clients for my counseling practice.

So what’s ended up happening is that schooling happens Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And it also doesn’t happen in long continuous blocks. More like five to ten minute bursts followed by a ten minute break or so and scattered throughout the day. And he learns this way, so it seems to be working. I do hope as he gets older the amount of table time will increase, but I think what is important is that he is learning.

Raising Buddy has essentially been an exercise in thinking way outside the box. The combination of autism and being extremely smart has been a constant challenge, and I had a lot of experiencing working with children before I became a parent. And given he has a strong need to control his environment, working that all together has been interesting.

So it requires a lot of flexibility on my part and breaking pretty much every preconceived notion of how learning should be. Fortunately, I’ve never been interested in how things look compared to what things work. So, short sporadic learning bursts through out the day it is!


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