Buddy, Age 6

Tomorrow we are looking forward to celebrating Buddy’s first birthday party that he has invited friends from his school to (and I’m nervous that no one will show up). Buddy has bonded with the other little boys in his class and hopefully he’ll have a fun filled day with them tomorrow.

Overall when I think of where we are now compared to where we were a year ago the change is incredible. Getting him into a program specifically for autistic children and out of public schools has been a game changer. He interacts with us better, and he especially is more respectful of his sister’s personal space. He follows directions, communicates more, and just understands things better. Life is a lot easier now than it was a year ago.

There are the little things that parents of typically developing children take for granted. For instance, this was the first year Buddy was able to tell me what kind of cake he wanted (The Good Dinosaur). Every other year I just had to guess based on what the popular movie at the time was.

There’s still plenty to work on, but we are all works in progress. For now I’m just happy with where we are now, especially as I look back on which we came.


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