Monthly Archives: November 2016

Be Kind


Back in college I worked as a cashier at a grocery store. This was an extremely stressful job for me. While I could deal with the people who were pleasant, the fact of the matter is that there is a percentage of people who go to the grocery store and vent their frustrations on the cashiers. And as someone who was bullied growing up, this was triggering and mentally draining for me and made my life a living hell.

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The Source of the Problem


Usually when I ask Buddy to pick up his toys at the end of the day, he ignores me. Since he was 2 I would attempt various ploys to get him to clean up. Some things would work once, and then never again. This was frustrating for numerous reasons, but especially because as a sensory seeking autistic child, he can make a large mess in a very short amount of time (pretty much he dumps his toys bins everywhere). He will also move furniture, such as the dog kennel around (he’s big and strong).

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Navigating the News

It was during the primaries that I started noticing the problem with fake or misleading news. I realized that articles from US Uncut and Daily News Bin would later be debunked by Snopes or a more credible site. And this problem is by now means confined to liberal sources. Brietbart anyone?

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The Spirit of George Washington

Back in 2008 I was in graduate school when President Obama was running for president for the first time. One of my professors talked a lot about current events, and would remark on how amazing it is that in America, people let go of power and hand it to someone else. As a born and raised American, this was unremarkable to be. It’s the way it always has been.

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Before You Diss the Safety Pins…


So Christopher Keelty posted an essay disparaging safety pins. To be fair he makes a few good points, however, it came off as extremely condescending and he showed a lack of understanding about the people behind the safety pin movement and their reasons for getting involved. He also completely seemed to forget that this was also a loss for white women that he disparaged in his article.

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The Thanksgiving Conondrum

So I understand I’m in the same boat as a lot of people when it comes to Thanksgiving plans. This election was grueling, triggering, and disheartening. For people who are against Trump, many of us are scared of losing hard won rights and the legitimization of racism. Trump also managed to insult a lot of groups of people. For instance, he said immigration from the Philippines should be stopped because Filipinos are terrorists and animals.

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