Women Who Roar


My little girl was born screaming. I was nearly two weeks post due and desperate to get her out when my water finally started to trickle. Six hours later she finally arrived, and she was not happy about it. She screamed and looked at me with her large, expressive eyes that seemed to ask, “why did you evict me!? I was happy where I was!”

And in the 2.5 years since she made her debut, she has never hesitated to scream her heart out over some indignity. When Sissy is mad, everyone knows, and you will feel her wrath!

And I want her to keep it up.

If there’s one thing this election has taught me, it’s that there still is a shit load of sexism out there. And the reason we made the gains we have is because little girls like Sissy grew up to become women who roared and said, “ENOUGH!”

This is an exhilarating and frustrating time to have such a young daughter. Exhilarating because there’s now a 99% chance she will grow up seeing a woman leading this nation. Exhilarating because movies and shows are starting to turn a spotlight on female heroines. Exhilarating because of the gains we are making.

And it is frustrating because the misogynist backlash to these gains is ugly. It is ugly because there are men (and women for that matter), who dismiss Trump’s disgusting comments as the way all men talk. Ugly because of the ways trolls treated Leslie Jones, star of the rebooted Ghostbusters. Ugly because of the rhetoric about Hillary Clinton that is stepped in years of sexism. Frustrating because rapists like Brock Turner are still given mere slaps on the wrist, if they’re even convicted at all.

For all the progress we’ve made, there is still s much farther to go. And we are going to need women who roar to lead the way.

I am raising a daughter who will roar.


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