The Straw That Broke the GOP’s Back?

I am not surprised that Trump made obscene, derogatory comments about assaulting women. He has been saying similar things throughout the campaign. He has complaints filed against him for sexual harassment, trafficking and rape, including rape of a 13 year old girl. Trump has shown time and again that he sees women as objects to satisfy him and not as human beings. This is no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.

What surprises me is this being the straw that broke the GOP’s back. Considering the blatant misogyny against Clinton, I just presumed that his defenders did not care about women as human beings. Either they are finding their backbone or this is just one insult too many. Or, as I cynically wonder, if it was that he was talking about assaulting a married woman and not an unmarried one that finally was too much for the GOP. As of now, Jon Huntsman has called for him to stepped down,  Priebus has condemned his remarks, and Paul Ryan canceled plans to campaign with Trump tomorrow.

Considering this is the party that has harbored and nurture misogyny, I am surprised that given all Trump has said in the past, this is finally too much.

Here’s the thing, the next time you blow someone’s complaints against offensive language to women, minorities, and the disabled away as “political correctness”, remember this. There is a lesson in here, if you’re willing to swallow it.


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