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You Can’t Escape Christianity in the US


Perhaps one of the most frustrating misconceptions Christians have about me is that, because I was raised without religion, I know nothing about Christianity. Granted, given that people who were raised Christian and became atheists also get the message that they don’t understand Christianity, it doesn’t just seem to be my upbringing that is a factor here. Yet occasionally I’ll see articles where Christians are wanting to bring their message to other Americans, as if they believe that somehow there are people in the US who aren’t aware of Christianity and Jesus.

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Cut Parents Some Slack

There is so much pressure on parents to control their kids so they don’t inconvenience others when out in public. A lot of times I don’t think this pressure is fair. Kids brains are developing and yes, there are times when kids can’t control their own behavior. The best parents can do is keep stressors to a minimum and take children home when it’s too much for them. Yet, there are times when others make it very difficult for parents to control some extraneous factors.

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Women Who Roar


My little girl was born screaming. I was nearly two weeks post due and desperate to get her out when my water finally started to trickle. Six hours later she finally arrived, and she was not happy about it. She screamed and looked at me with her large, expressive eyes that seemed to ask, “why did you evict me!? I was happy where I was!”

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A Woman’s Right to Be Safe Are Not a “Distraction”


In a video released about his demeaning statements toward women, Trump called this issue a “distraction” from real issues facing our country. Right now, I have a feeling on November 8th women are going to rise up and say our right to live a life free from assault and to be seen as human beings are not a “distraction.” Because me and a lot of other woman I know are sick and tired of men like Trump objectifying us. Warnings below for discussions of sexual harassment, rape and assault.

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The Straw That Broke the GOP’s Back?

I am not surprised that Trump made obscene, derogatory comments about assaulting women. He has been saying similar things throughout the campaign. He has complaints filed against him for sexual harassment, trafficking and rape, including rape of a 13 year old girl. Trump has shown time and again that he sees women as objects to satisfy him and not as human beings. This is no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.

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Your Religious Beliefs Do Not Give You A License to Police My Actions or Health

And in a story where the message women receive is we are a burden and danger to men who are traveling just by virtue of being a woman, United Airlines changed the seat of a woman so two men who said sitting next to a woman was against their religion wouldn’t be inconvenienced.

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When Family Members Don’t Embrace Autism

Typically I wouldn’t be worrying about this until November, but as for the next two weekends we’ve got engagements with my in-laws, I am. My relationship with my in-laws is complex and multi-faceted, especially considering that Andy has a large extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, etc. But my latest challenge has been the fact that my mother-in-law does not believe autism is a real condition and does not accept that Buddy is autistic.

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