Dream School

Last night I had a rather detailed dream that a school had opened up across the street from us and Buddy was to start kinder there. The school was a beautiful log cabin structure with huge windows and an intricately crafted library, not the blue carpeted, florescent light warehouses they tend to be. I remember I was nervous to observe the kinder classroom and see if it would be the interactive, child friendly place I hoped it would be. I really wanted him to go to that school! Heck, I wanted to go to that school!

I’d just made it to the classroom when I woke up, but I seemed to be heading for a disappointment as they were being told to trace letters from a chalkboard.

School started last week. Buddy should have started kinder. He’s in therapy year round, so last Monday was nothing special. It was still hard to see people post pics on Facebook of their kids starting school, some of them starting kinder, and I felt a bit left out.

I’m still so ambivalent about homeschooling. I’m still so angry that pre-k, PRE-K, was so unfriendly to Buddy that I had to pull him out. I’m frustrated at how we know so much about how children learn and very little of that shows up in the classroom. And I’m resentful that our schools are failing our children.

I’m desperately wanting that beautiful school with the natural light that we can walk to from our house. Only instead I want an evidence based curriculum and care similar to what Buddy is getting from therapy with academic skills added to the program. And it doesn’t exist. Not within my price range anyway.


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