Why This Progressive Voted for Clinton

I saw this patronizing article today attempting to psychoanalyze why Hillary Clinton supporters are so angry at Bernie. As a counselor, well, let’s say, the author should first rely more on the words of Hillary supporters rather than speaking for them. And it was more of the same paternalizing themes that are wrong, because it fails to acknowledge that people who voted for Hillary had valid reasons for doing so and, if Sanders supporters want to know why Hillary supporters are so livid, it is because we are being accused of being vagina voters who really would have preferred Sanders but did what our vaginas told us to. If you can’t see the conceit in that then I can’t do a lot for you.

I really researched Sanders and Clinton, and in the end, I decided Clinton was the more progressive and better candidate. And it is infuriating to have someone suggest otherwise.

Why did I decide Clinton was better? Because she sees things outside of the very narrow lens of income inequality. Income inequality is a problem, however, it is not the only problem facing our nation! Sanders does not get this! Clinton on the other hand understands how institutional sexism and racism and ableism keep people down. Sanders progressivism is only going to help white men.

For instance, Clinton led the call against the subminimum wage. The subminimum wage allows employers to hire workers with disabilities for way below the minimum wage (there is no standard subminimum wage). The idea was to give disabled workers experience so others could hire them for more money, but what instead happened is people essentially employ disabled workers for very little money, and leave the workers trapped in poverty. Clinton also has a plan to help families with children affect by autism.This plan would help my family tremendously!

While Sanders threw Planned Parenthood under the bus when they chose to endorse a candidate who has spent years advocating for them over him (labeling them as establishment and the abortion issue as a distraction) I see how women in poverty are deeply affected by not being able to access reproductive health. I see them struggle with unplanned pregnancies they can’t afford, see how it derails ability to continue in community college or to work, and I see how reproductive healthcare IS an economic issue. Sanders, who labeled the abortion issue a distraction, does not!

And, while we’re at it, while Sanders love to point at Clinton and say she is Wall Street bought, it seems that judging by the voting record, Sanders has been NRA bought and has voted against sensible gun control measures. As someone who cares deeply about gun control this was a deal breaker for me!

I’ve written about the disturbing Us Versus Them dynamic of the Sanders campaign and how it turned me off his campaign, and everything Sanders has done since losing has shown me I was correct. When Clinton lost by a more narrow margin and by the same rules that Sanders lost by, she did not call the DNC corrupt, she did not slander the Democratic party, and she got behind Obama. Sanders has been saying the process was rigged against him, has been slandering the Democratic party, and has failed to get behind Clinton. Honestly, you do not get people to work with you by spitting in their face, which is what Sanders has done!

So, Sanders supporters, if you want to know why we’re mad, it’s because you fail to acknowledge that we had good reasons for voting for Clinton, are tired of the sexism, racism, and ableism of your campaign, and are tired of Sanders spitting in the face of the Democratic party, the only party we see that is advocating for us! You may not agree with us, but at least acknowledge that we have valid reasons for voting the way we did and that perhaps your savior only appealed to predominantly white, able bodied men, and that women, minorities, and people with different abilities failed to see how he would help them.



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