What Harms Our Nation

Deaths caused by gay marriage: 0

Deaths caused by people having sex with someone of the same gender: 0

Deaths caused by a transgendered individual using the bathroom that conforms to their identity: 0

Deaths caused by guns in the US in 2016 alone: Around 6,000

These numbers should speak for themselves, yet somehow they don’t.

The arguments against civil rights for people who are LGBT boil down to so-called moral ones, often based on religion. The United States is not a theocracy, though. The United States was founded on freedom of religion. Which means that we can’t use religious reasons to deprive people of their rights.

Despite what many Christians, who seem to think they have the monopoly on morality believe, there are systems of morality not based in religion. Mine is this: Do no harm.

People who are LGBT are doing no harm when they get married, have sex, or use the bathroom.

But letting anyone, including people being investigated by the FBI three times, have unfettered access to assault rifles?

6000 people in the US dead in 2016. And it’s only June.

If you are calling to ban gay marriage or are scapegoating people who are transgendered while loudly proclaiming an unfettered right to own assault rifles and other guns, you may want to reexamine your morals.


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