Let the Homeschooling Start!

This upcoming week, we plan to start homeschooling. This is a bit ironic since the schools in our area are getting out for summer break. However, Buddy thrives off structure, and one of the perks of homeschooling is that his schedule doesn’t get thrown off by summer break, winter break, spring break, and all of the other school breaks!

Buddy is in a therapy program year round, twenty hours a week. While they do work on academic stuff and preparing children for an academic environment, they are not a school. Overall, I am just thanking my lucky stars they continue as normal through the summer so the routine we’ve established won’t be thrown off, and he won’t lose all of the progress he’s made like he did last summer.

While I swore I’d never become a Pinterest mom, I’ve ended up joining it, and now have a ton of activities sorted by the teaching of writing skills, shapes, numbers, etc. We’re going with a Montessori based program, because I like their ideas of learning by engaging the senses, which will help with Buddy’s sensory integration issues. And, if it ever stops raining, I also plan for a lot of trips to the park on Fridays, when Buddy doesn’t have therapy, for learning in nature. Buddy and Sissy both love being outside and hiking and Buddy especially needs the gross motor stimulation and the outlet for his energy.

For now it won’t be too much schooling. Reading/writing activities in the morning, followed by therapy, followed by number/math activities in the afternoon. Buddy ages out of his therapy program in November of next year, and then he’ll start a late afternoon program and it will leave more time for me to do lessons during the day. The timing is perfect, because he will be seven then, and seven is traditionally when they started working on academics with children (it’s also when from a developmental standpoint children are better able to learn. One of the problems schools have is teaching children concepts they are too young to understand in the pointless effort to help them get ahead!)

Fortunately since so much of the activities I have planned are sensory based and will hopefully be fun, it should be easy to entertain 2 year old Sissy while I work with Buddy. When she was at daycare she was mature enough to be with the 2 years old when she was 13 months, and did better than the 2 year olds at their table time activities, so I think she’ll be able to mimic along or entertain herself while I work with Buddy (Buddy needs more one on one engagement).

And Buddy has already surprised me this weekend by getting one of the concepts I wasn’t planning to work on until this week, which is that he stops counting when he runs out of objects to count. Buddy can count to fifty, but if there were five ducks, he wouldn’t stop at five. He’d keep counting. This week he finally stopped counting at five. So that means we’re already starting this endeavor on a positive note!


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