Boy Toys, Girl Toys, How About Just Toys?

Dear Parents Who Gloatingly Insist that their Boys ONLY Play with “Boy” Toys and Their Girls With “Girl” Toys:

I must say, I congratulate you on such a foul proof method you’ve found at squashing sibling rivalry. It’s ingenious really. Stopping sibling rivalry in it’s tracks by deeply ingraining gender roles in your children that they wouldn’t even think of playing with a toy that it marketed towards the opposite gender.

I know, you typically begin your gloat with a “I gave my son a doll, but he refused to play with it” or other type thing, but be honest, it’s easier when your kids aren’t fighting over the doll.

Now my husband and I being rather progressive about gender roles never did much to ingrain them in our children. Heck, my husband is even a closet Brony. In other words, my son doesn’t care if it’s pink and glittery. If his sister is playing with it, he wants it!

And my kids don’t seem to care about whether the toy is for girls or for boys, or whether it’s pink or blue, truly their interest in the toy goes up the moment they see their sibling playing with it. Then all hell breaks lose, be that toy a truck or a doll. “How dare my sibling play with the toy that I like!?”

The other day they were playing nicely, and then at the same time both of their eyes fell on a toy dump truck. The toy dump truck seemed to glow under the gaze of their want and they both reached for it at the same time. It was really something to see! And then of course a fight broke out because there was one dump truck and two kids who wanted it.

I can only imagine the blissful quiet of the other houses of families who also have one of each but managed to ingrain gender roles in their children. Must be nice to have conditioned them so thoroughly that the conditioning overrides sibling rivalry. You have my congratulations!

Now if you’ll excuse me, my kids are fighting over the My Little Pony doll.


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