Wake Me Up When September Ends

This has been a frustrating month.

I made several big decisions, and life seems o be enjoying sending every obstacle in my path, as if testing me and asking if I really do want to continue on that path. Take the genetic testing for Buddy. I called the place that does genetic testing, and they told me I’d need a referral from his pediatrician. So I call his office and they tell me to just walk into the clinic and get it done.

I persist that I already called the clinic and they told me I needed a referral. The receptionist offered to set up an appointment but, considering how awfully expensive co-pays are now, I really did not want to do that, especially for a condition he is diagnosed with. After going around with the receptionist a bit longer and getting nowhere I got frustrated and hung up in exasperation. It’s one of those situation where I love the pediatrician but hate his staff. He took my concerns about Buddy seriously when everyone else would just pat me on the head and say he’d talked any day now and was instrumental in helping me get early services for Buddy, so my plans were to stay with him. Friday it occurred to me that I need to get Buddy’s flu shot and can get him in without the copay that way and actually talk to the doctor and not his useless receptionist!

And this week we’ve found that our insurance is changing and we’re going to have to find a new pediatrician altogether. Which I’m not happy about.

This past year has just been horrible. 2014 started promising but it was derailed around October of last year when we experienced a series of daycare closings, other bs, and culminated in a medical scare in January where I had a condition that mimicked a brain tumor but turned out to be harmless. Since then things have stayed crappy and difficult, and I keep thinking that things have to get easier, something has to give. And generally I’ve noticed things go in threes, one horrific year and then a few years of calm and good. Right now we’re in what I am hoping is the end of the horrific year.

I’m hoping that the effort I’m putting into a lot of my September projects starts paying off in October and makes this frustration worthwhile. Because all I can do for now is push through, and hope that things get better.


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