The Ups and Downs of Autism

Today has been easier.

Since Buddy started pre-school, we’ve seen exciting developments in his ability to speak. He’s requesting things well. He’s labeling things. He’ll point and name the cat, then he’ll point and name the dog, and then his baby sister. He’ll narrate what he’ll see characters in books doing. “Wash hands. Brush teeth.” He’ll tell people bye-bye. Sometimes I’ll have a small conversation with him. He’s still not where a kid who is nearly five should be, but it’s progress.

All the same, his behavior has taken a huge backslide. He’s been extremely clingy with me, throwing things, and constantly harasses Sissy. It seems if I set her down he runs over to push her. The only way we can get him to stop is to fuss over her. “Oh no, Sissy, someone pushed you! You poor sweetie! Why don’t you walk with Mommy for a bit?”

Seeing Sissy get all of the attention takes the fun away. But this Saturday he really escalated to attempting to bit her. We held firm with giving her the attention, and finally this morning he’s back to being gentle with her.

Autism is baffling. These last three weeks have been so hard because his behavior has backslide so much. Yet there’s the excitement over new words and his improved ability to communicate. But living with him has been so much more difficult.

Hopefully Saturday was the worst of it and things will settle down and improve from here on out. Today he’s even been entertaining himself, playing with some baby dolls and saying “Baby! Baby sleep!”


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